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Want to relax after a trying week and regenerate your body and mind? Come and take advantage of our wide range of procedures and massages, which will imbue you with new energy and boost your health.

Try our beer spa and room for massage in couples. End a pleasant day with a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant or the distinctive SKÁLA restaurant.

Our professionals can offer you: 


Partial traditional massage (25 min.) 690 CZK
Full traditional massage (50 min.) 1190 CZK

This massage involves a system of massage touches and movements which aims to induce complete relaxation. The massage supports circulation in surface blood and lymph vessels, improves tissue nutrition and eases pain. It causes relaxation of the massaged muscles, promotes blood flow and can even reduce headache and swelling. It brings about feelings of relaxation and positivity. A traditional massage can be partial or full (full body massage).


Reflexology ligament massage (25 min.) 750 CZK

Through reflexology and blood circulation changes, this massage can affect even distant organs which can be stimulated or inhibited. The massage also has an overall impact on the body which can be either relaxing or stimulating. The body’s response lasts for up to 48 hours. 


Kinesio Taping (20 - 30 min.) 550 CZK

Kinesio taping allows support and stability to joints, ligaments and muscles without limiting vascular supply and range of movement.

In summary, we could define the effects of kinesio taping as biomechanical, neurophysiological and trophotropic.

It is also preferably used to prevent injury of the myoskeletal system and may also be a method for pain reduction. 

Through a tape applied above the course of the muscle, we are able to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, support muscle movement, practically 24 hours a day. 

Due to its properties and its variety of applications in clinical practice, Kinesio taping is increasingly being used in comprehensive therapy of movement system disorders. 

An appreciated advantage of Kinesio tape is its gentleness to the skin and the possibility of comfortable application without limitation, all the day for 1 to 5 days. 

It provides the muscles with ideal tension and thus has a positive effect on blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby supporting tissue healing and accelerating quality regeneration and rehabilitation. 

Through Kinesio tape, we achieve the goals of treatment of most diseases - reduction of pain, swelling and inflammation, relaxation or facilitation of muscles. 


Cupping massage (25 min.) 390 CZK

This is an ancient Chinese technique in which special is placed on the skin surface, in which suction is created. Upon application of the cups, the skin and surface muscle layers are pulled inside the cups and massage is undertaken in this manner. Cupping massage is unique in that it achieves intensive blood flow to the massaged tissues. You can achieve anticipated relief after just one treatment.


Partial lymphatic massage (90 min.) 1590 CZK
Full lymphatic massage (180 min.) 4690 CZK

Lymph vessels remove toxins, bacteria and dead cells from tissues to the circulatory system. Lymphatic massage promotes lymph flow. It is preceded by stimulation of the main lymphatic centres in the neck, armpit and groin which helps to move the lymph through reflexology. This massage has a significant impact on tissue regeneration, especially after injuries and for chronic infections, and it stimulates immunity and fixes hormonal disorders. It is performed by a physiotherapist.


Child massage 3-15 years of age (25 min.) 650 CZK

The objective of this massage is to optimise muscle tension and strengthen the child’s musculoskeletal system. The massage helps relax hyperactive children and helps form a bond between the mother and child since parents can perform the simpler elements of the massage at home.


Pregnancy massage (25 min.) 690 CZK

This massage involves massage of the legs lying down on your back, and massage of the back and neck while sitting. Leg massage supports blood flow and lymph circulation, reducing liquid retention in your body. During pregnancy, your spine and back muscles are over-stressed and it is a good idea to release muscle tension around the cervical and lumbar spine. We do not massage the abdomen of pregnant women, as we see a certain risk as being inherent here.



Soft and mobilising techniques (25 min.) 690 CZK

A set of special touches used to renew tension in the skin and hypodermis and improve tissue suppleness (skin, hypodermis, fascia), with their relaxation resulting in improved spine and joint mobility as well as pain relief. The techniques are performed by a physiotherapist with the option of using KINESIO TAPE.


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